Human Powered Contact Tracing

Built To Scale

What is Orion?

Orion is a modern web-app that allows local health administrators higher throughput, faster management and greater oversight of their contact tracing efforts by coordinating real-time, secure case investigation across all key stakeholders.

  • Rapidly scale contact tracing investigators
  • Automate case workflow
  • Get instant insights into workload and case status

With Orion, Heath Authorities can increase their investigation teams without increasing their manamgent overhead.

Orion Overview

Orion provides key stakeholders with features and processes via an automated case management engine. By combining existing HIE infrastructure with data-driven risk assessment and robotic workload balancing, case throughput can be optimized.


Orions feature set is specifically built to help local health authorities scale their contact tracing efforts

Remote Investigator Onboarding

Efficient digital onboarding allows for mass recruitment of investigators without having to sacrifice manpower for training purposes

Secure & Modern Web Portals

Secure remote portals for key stakeholders, allowing for distributed teams, with modern design for simple and easy usage

Orion Case Management Engine

Automated case risk assessment and allocation, with investigator workload balancing to reduce management overhead

Graph Database Powered Analytics

Orion’s graph database approach allows increased insight into outbreak data for risk assessment, coordination and policy decision making

Automated Investigator Workflows

Simple and easy to use questionnaires purpose fit for each stage of a case means investigators never miss a beat

Configurable Settings

From data dashboards and questionarries, to risk assessment and task allocation, Orion can be configured to fit the needs of your local agency

Video Overview

A brief introduction to the Orion platform


Our team of 12 brings a broad set of deep experience to the table, from health technologies, app and tech development, user interaction and experience design, to lean product development and user-centered design, to entrepreneurship and startup operations. Members of our team have launched multiple companies, health information technology platforms, and various user-facing apps in both a consumer and enterprise environment. Our team members come from many esteemed institutions including: UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Jackson Health System, University of Toronto, University of Chicago, IBM, CityBase, Wyncode, Imperial, and others.